Period Pain Relief Device With Massager


About this item

  • 90% ABS and 10% Velvet
  • New Update: This menstrual pain relief device contains too many black technologies. Graphene heating, it is safe, healthy and effective. Induction touch switch and magnetic attraction charging make it more convenient and interesting. It has three heating modes and three vibration massage modes.
  • 3 Sufficient Heat Temperatures: Quickly double touch the heating switch, after three seconds it will heat up. There are 3 temperatures, 113 ,131 and 149℉ (45,55 and 65℃). Touch the switch again to adjust the temperature.
  • High-frequency Vibration Massage: There are three high-frequency vibration massage modes (3000,4500 and 6000 vibrations/Min.), No interval, short interval and long interval vibration. Touch the switch to adjust vibration massage modes, choose one you like best.
  • Internal Battery: Compare with last generation menstrual pain relief device, this device adopts internal battery. It is more convenient to carry and use. Charging it for about 5 hours to full power.
  • Note: Device x1; Charging cable x1; English user manual x1; Safe Design. This device would shut down automatically after about 30 Minutes constantly working. If you want to continue using it, just turn it on again. Besides, this device will make too much heating. We suggest, put a piece cloth between device and your belly.

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About Menstrual Heating Pad

Period Partner (sathi) is a Nepali Brand , which focused on all kinds of Massager tools. We have owner design Team about massage tools. All kinds of massage tools that we released which are very popular among customers.

Our Ambition

We want to provide our follower best experience. What we did, just make your families and you more and more beautiful.

2-IN-1 Menstrual heating pad

heating pad

2-IN-1 Menstrual heating pad

A lot of females suffer menstrual pain around the world, we design this device, just want females have a good period time.

High-frequency vibration massage & Heating functions

  • Three vibration massage modes: 3000, 4500, 6000 vibrations/Min.
  • Three heating temperatures: 113℉, 131℉ and 149℉

menstrual heating pad

Touch switch

  • Quickly double touch it to turn the function on.
  • Point touch it to adjust modes.
  • Touch it for 3 seconds to turn it off.


heating pad

Care belly

If you suffer menstrual pain,

It can help you relieve menstrual pain

menstrual heating pad disposable

Care Back

After long time working or driving, if you feel back pain,

It can help you relieve back pain.

menstrual cycle heating pad

Care calves & legs

Relieve calves & legs pain



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