How to Choose a Safe and Reliable Free VPN

Many free VPNs can be a minefield. They may unknowingly install malware on your device or sell your information to third party. There are some secure choices available, so long as you know what to look out for.

A safe free VPN utilizes industry-standard encryption as well as basic privacy protections, such as a kill switch and DNS leak protection. It should, in addition, be based in a secure jurisdiction and be subject to regular security audits to strengthen your confidence. The best VPNs for free provide unlimited data or no data caps, so you can do things that require data without having to worry about privacy.

You should pick a no-cost VPN that is able to unlock content that is geo-blocked. This includes services such as the NFL app or streaming platforms that block users from certain geographical regions. If you’d like to watch the game but don’t have an account with a cable or satellite provider that offers premium services, a no-cost VPN will have servers close to the stadium.

A safe free VPN will also have many server locations, and support multiple devices. TunnelBear offers an affordable plan that allows you to connect to servers in the US and UK and Singapore with the ability to allow five devices to be connected simultaneously. It also has an enjoyable and easy user interface that is filled with bear-themed animations and bear puns to keep you engaged.

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